Our Facilities

The Joint Central Infrastructure (CIC) is the nerve centre of the Agrifood City.

This plant has a trigeneration plant producing steam, cold water and electricity with an energy efficiency of over 80%.


Invest in Agrifood City of Tudela

  • Geostrategic positioning

    70% of national consumption is within a 350 km radius.

    CAT has direct access from the A-68 motorway

  • Common Services

    CAT is innovative because it features common energy services, which are translated into energy savings for companies.

    CAT is convenience; the company focuses on its value-added operations by using the joint services offered.

  • Strength of the agrifood sector

    Access to quality raw ingredients and water availability

    Leading companies in the industry

  • Synergy

    Concentration of the entire agrifood value chain.

    CAT is a member of the Navarre Agrifood Cluster.

  • Corporate and institutional support

    A specialised technical team supports the initiation and development of the different project implementation stages and carries out individual energy cost savings studies.

    Navarre, an accessible public Administration has significant aids for investment, RDI, job creation, etc.

  • Environmental Commitment

    Energy efficiency means a reduction of 13.5 tonnes of CO2/year, equivalent to the emission of 4,300 vehicles.

    A sustainable design with 6.5 hectares of olive orchards and green areas.

Invest in Tudela

Tudela, a place to live

A wonderful place to work, to learn, to live, to enjoy. The many reasons:

  • Business environment.
  • Attractive economy.
  • Knowledge and Innovation.
  • Haute cuisine.
  • Cultural life.

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